Sunday, 24 March 2013

Where Will You Be When The Music Stops?

Where will you be? Where will I be? We all know it’s coming. To ignore it is tantamount to insanity. At this point we’re playing musical chairs and everyone knows that clear underlying truth somewhere in their being.
When the music stops is where you will be. Period.
Anyone the least bit aware knows the seriousness of  our pending manipulated world situation and has food, water and other supplies and contingency plans. If they don’t they’re asleep and dangerous. The decidedly unprepared are the ones who will freak out and mooch off the first succulent neighbor they can find.  Just another symptom of the selfish, parasitic driven reality we live in.
Me first, and what’s yours is mine in a pinch. But there’s a way to avoid that scenario.

Zen Gardener

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