Thursday, 14 March 2013

A New Pope at Child Molester Central and Other Things.

The dogs bark but the caravan moves on. We have weathered many a storm here at these blogs over time. It isn't always smooth sailing. In this world, there are two basic types of people, with a few sub-categories. In the main, there are the people who seek the truth because it is important to them and they understand how the lack of it will cripple them in their movements and also determine the direction of their movements. On the other hand are those who want no part of the truth because it does not support what they want to believe, at the expense of the truth. In this latter case there is no cure for the condition, until the false perspective meets up with the truth and that will come with some severity of contact.. This is a cosmic certainty. All anyone requires when anonymous primates throw shit through the bars of their cage, that confinement in which they have imprisoned themselves, is patience and fortitude, all of what is needed will follow after at its designated pace. Thank God for The Apocalypse on the one hand ...and a continuous mounting fear and darkness on the other.

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