Friday, 15 March 2013

Ho do you sleep?

According to the Independent, in two years time nearly half of the country’s children will be living in poverty. I’m not talking about Africa here. I’m talking about England… That is abso fucking lutely disgusting.
The worst thing about it, is that it really doesn’t have to be this way. Most of you have no idea at all  how frustrating that is for people like me. 
Time doesn’t allow me to get into my forum as often as I would like, but I hear there was a person in there a couple of days ago who had £5 a day to feed himself and his partner… £2.50 each per day… Think about it. 
We have people in this country who have £17.50 per week to buy their weeks worth of food and beverages with.
And all that the stupid thick cunts in this god forsaken cunt-ry do about it, is shrug their shoulders en masse.
Just what the fuck are you scared of people? Tell your Uncle Chris because something has to be done about this farce.
Something has to be done because its not just children who are suffering.
Old age pensioners are being left to die… Covered in their own piss and shit… In this Cunt-ry… In 2013… In fucking hospitals… Where doctors and nurses work… Try as I may, I just cannot get my big bald fucking head around that.
How the fuck is that even possible?
And, if they are not being left to die on a hospital trolley… In a stinking puddle of their own piss and shit… They are being left to starve or freeze to death…  at home… In this cunt-ry… In 2013… While supposedly being checked upon by the Social Services.
Can you imagine what it feels like being sat, unable to move, in a cold dark fucking hovel, until you finally die of hunger… How long would that take? Just sat, in your own piss and shit, freezing fucking cold, scared to fucking death, hoping that someone will turn up any minute, until the minutes finally run out.
Don’t just read that.
Think about it. 

full article here 

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