Wednesday, 27 March 2013

everyday a school day

lotta great stuff being posted of late that i cant not post ;-) ....... another heartical article from Dog Poet...pitbull stylee

"The thing that has to be understood about Kali Yuga is that it is a time when every excess is permitted for the purpose of demonstration. As Hassan I-Sabbah was wont to say, “nothing is real, everything is permitted”. We don't have to so engage, nor do we have to close our eyes and shuffle by in fear and cowardice, concerning what manner of harm these twisted freaks can visit upon us. I'm going to insert two quotes from 'the good book' here, “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world” and also, to paraphrase, “If the divine is for me, who can be against me”? What makes us vulnerable; forget the concept of an overseeing grand authority for the moment, is when we become divided from ourselves. This puts you at cross purposes with your best interest and causes you to be easily manipulated by those who mean you harm. They either carrot and stick you, or they toss a cover-slip of fear over your shoulders. You are supposed to be in the driver's seat, not being dragged behind the car. You are supposed to be sitting on the throne of your own being, not cast out of the castle and wandering like an itinerant amnesiac in search of an answer and an explanation. We are high born beings with limitless potential, not drudges in a chain gang, sharing in the collective delusion that evil psychopaths have some kind of license to rule and abuse us."

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