Monday, 18 March 2013

free your mind

Ancient magic rituals from thousands of years ago are used by the elites to control us.  Unless you understand magick, you cannot understand the power of the elites.   Magick is the art of altering consciousness.

Magi visited Jesus on his birth - magicians.   It's hidden from today's populations, yet in the past was well known by scientists to be a source of great power.  Magicians are respectful of humanity.  A sorcerer seeks to enforce changes in consciousness on the grand scale, in the interests of the few against the many, seeking to make themselves into gods.

Crowley's order - the Eastern Templars - was entirely selfish.  He spawned the hippy movement - do as thou will - the age of Horus - permanent childhood.  The movement targeted youth, using The Rolling Stones, The Beatles.  The scarlet woman, the whore of Babylon - Beyonce, Britney and others all are referring back to the Harlot of babylon in revelations.

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