Friday, 15 March 2013

Conscious Precipitation of the Appropriate Desireable.

If there is anything in this world or any world that you desire, you have to creatively imagine it, while residing in a state of total reliance, or as much reliance as you can muster. Everything you sincerely desire is already a reality on the invisible planes and possibly also already in manifestation. “Desire is the agent of God's will”. If the deeper regions of your heart are in search of someone to love, a home, an occupation, or anything, you only have to consciously engage in allowing the operation of precipitation to acquire these or anything, anything, anything at all. For this you have to have certitude. You have to be absolutely convinced of it coming to pass. This firmly links you up with the one who is absolutely capable of making it come to pass. You can't waffle and entertain doubt concerning it. This is the difference between the people who get results and those who don't. There isn't a great deal more to it. Those who complicate the matter, complicate the process. Neurosis, psychosis, compulsion and obsession are all pathologies that inhibit our success. These are expressions of personal insecurity.

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