Thursday, 21 March 2013


i remember sitting around Cundangs table and chatting this a good few years ago..... From the tap

Is the energy inside you controlled from outside?

This came in from a reader.  My first reaction was that it seemed a bit cultish, and not likely to appeal to readers, but then I remembered that when I had my heart rhythm problems, (atrial fibrillation), the bad rhythm was usually triggered by a person walking into the room.  It was as if they had somehow sucked the energy out of my chest, and I was no longer able to control the rhythm of my heart.  I notice that this piece is all about how that process could happen, and how you can learn to stop it.

I also had a reiki therapy session after a particularly bad heart episode which had hospitalised me for three days.  The hospital had no solutions.  I was eventually helped by a private doctor working from home who gave me intravenous magnesium, which made me feel that I would live.  The reiki experience was equally dramatic, with my upper body convulsing as the hands passed over.  I had no idea what was going on, but the energy delivered into me bought me time.

Before such experiences I would have had no comprehension or connection with the kind of text below.  In fact I would have more likely ridiculed it, as posted it on a blog.  Now I feel I have some understanding of where this is coming from.

full article here

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