Friday, 29 March 2013

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Don't dismiss stories of 'Hitler's HQ'

SOURCE: Yorkshire Evening Post

It was with great interest that I read your letters on the possibility that Hitler planned to set up headquarters in Quarry Hill, Leeds (YEP,
May 20).
My father, Alex Hesling, died seven months ago aged 82.
He was in the building trade along with the rest of his family. He worked on the construction of Quarry Hill Flats.
Later he lived and worked in the flats until their demolition.
I would consider my father had one of the most knowledgeable brains regarding the flats. From a small child I was always told that among his generation it was known that Hitler was planning to use the flats as his north of England headquarters. It was said that Hitler could be self-sufficient at the flats.
The flats, I believe, had an Austrian (as was Hitler) designer and looked very German in design.
My father told me many tales of the flats - lots of bones appearing, a river running underneath.
I do not think this this information re Hitler should be treated with ridicule, as my father was a very sensible, well-respected member of the Quarry Hill Flats community and believed it to be true.

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