Monday, 11 March 2013

Normal Is Not Normal

Being one person in one situation and another in another is fundamentally wrong and unconscious. People today have work personas and home personas, sports personas and party personas, sex personas and church personas. And on and on…and it’s accepted. It’s fundamentally fractured from the get go.
But that’s just on the surface. Many other deeper, psychologically fractured levels are being manipulated.
Living a lie isn’t that hard now, is it?
You may say that’s just human nature, it’s always been like that. Well, sadly it has been like that quite a bit, but that doesn’t make it right. Why is it people are always trying to find themselves or are looking for unity in the world? They have serious psychological schisms and disorders, and the social fabric is so regimented yet so confusing? Should we take this compartmentalization as routine as we’re chopped into bite sized portions in their demographic charts?
Where does this programming have its roots?
Isn’t there such a thing as natural self expression?

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