Sunday, 24 March 2013

fear is enemy

I am not afraid of these blood stained clowns. I can't afford to be. Fear is the one commodity that I cannot afford. Once you allow fear to reside in your heart, you are admitting that their power is greater than whatever else you might believe in. This not only compromises your connection to your source but it hands you over to those who are your enemies. Previously, they did not have the power to oppress you. You handed that over voluntarily. You believed a lie. This led to other lies, until you were lost in a forest where all of the trees and foliage were lies and where no light can enter in.
You will live with these things and conditions until you can bear it no longer but... as long as you can bear it you will live with it. That is your fate until you change it. It's a leap and a reach to be sure and it requires things you may feel you have lost or forgotten the location of. However, once you acknowledge what you are dealing with, you will be able to see it for what it is and it will not be nearly so threatening or powerful as you imagined it to be. Reclaim those virtues that made you human and you may well become more than human. Take a cue from those fighting the good fight who are still fighting. If the enemy is so powerful then why are they still here and so employed. Think about it.

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