Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Woman arrested and jailed without trial

Last night the case was at the centre of a furious row over behind-closed-doors justice as MPs condemned the secrecy of the court that jailed Miss Maddocks. 
She was visiting her frail father when officers arrived to break the news that she had been sentenced to five months in prison.
She said: ‘I walked out of the care home and saw a small white van, then two female police officers approached me with two court officers.
‘They told me I had been sentenced to jail for contempt of court. I couldn’t believe it.
‘They told me it was almost unheard of for somebody to be jailed like that in a civil hearing without first being given the chance to explain themselves.’
Miss Maddocks served six weeks in Foston Hall – the women’s jail in Derbyshire which was home to Maxine Carr, girlfriend of Soham killer Ian Huntley – following her arrest in September. 

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