Monday, 8 April 2013

the kindest words we could muster

We paid our taxes to build our roads, complete with tunnels to save the toads.
We paid in full so trains would run, for cargo, commuters, and days in the sun.
We stumped up brass so we`d have gas, to warm our elders till winters pass.
When folk were afraid to walk at night, we gave our dues for electric light.
We gave our lives for the good of our nation, in return for health and free education.
Up jumps Maggie all smiles hair and teeth, but behind the persona a treasonous thief.
She stole milk from our children, sold our gas to Sid.
Maggie Thatcher milk snatcher, sold to the highest bid.
After selling our water the tyrant whore.
With Ronnie in hand gathered weapons of war.
The saughter of men, her hands were unclean.
Sipping Bacardi while the boys were at Goose Green.
So don`t shed a tear or care for her passing for the rest of her kind need fucking gassing.

 Peace, man.   Brother Ben

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