Sunday, 14 April 2013

Funeral in Britain

A gentle abolitionist of opposition, Margaret Hilda Lolita Dragon Thatcher was varietally honest – charming or toppling military dictators, one minute vilifying unfortunate Russians with birthmarks, the next fluttering her fire-siren eyes at Hollywood hasbeens. The unbending Iron despot and really rather coquettish ankle-flasher was as much at home chopping the legs off Yorkshire Stalinists with silly haircuts and Peter Sellers syntax as she was getting up the Monarch’s nose or Murdoch’s backside. Even-handed to the end, Maggie Hatchet Bouffant Charmgrind followed the blind path of every visionary: all for one son called Mark, and one for all of us paying a Poll tax. She leaves behind her a Nation purged of Union fascists and prone to banking sociopaths. Britain was changed forever and yet, by travelling on a long and expensive journey right round the Circle Line, able to arrive back exactly where it had started. This is, surely, what made her the archetypal, all-time great British leader

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