Friday, 5 April 2013

is it worth it

"If you still believe wars are justified (I don’t), then you believe that it’s worth it for soldiers, civilians and children to be murdered to make things better for the rest of us. When Tony Blair declared war on Iraq, saying it was worth the sacrifice, I knew he wasn’t sending his own kids out there to be deleted. Soldiers volunteer to take this risk, which is bad enough, but civilians and children don’t, they just get in the way. At least we have permanent peace in Britain eh? Lucky us, did we throw a six?
If you believe in population reduction due to us not having enough resources to go round (I don’t, and I think there are PLENTY of resources), then you will believe it’s worth it for some people to be put to death to save the rest of us. You will have done some calculations to show that this is necessary. Are you volunteering yourself and your family for this noble sacrifice, or some anonymous people from a different country or different social class? Who exactly do you think should be put to death, and who do you think should decide?"

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