Thursday, 4 April 2013

Is it Real, or just Passing Strange?

"If you inquire deeply into the scriptures you will come across many parallels between all 'legitimate' 'religions. I don't count Scientology in that mix and I don't count Talmudic Judaism in that group. I don't count Satanism but all three of these are pretty much the same in terms of inspiration and application. One of those parallels is that we are all gods in the making. Sometimes you discover this by dint of something else that does not directly state it in any way. Sometimes through logical associations; provided you possess that very valuable component, objective reasoning, you are able to intuit meaning. For instance, Jesus Christ was God on Earth, right? He was and is considered a god so, when he says, “greater things than I have done ye shall do, for I go now unto my father” or, when he says “call me not Master for a servant does not know what his master is about, rather call me 'friend'. These quotes imply a conferring of equality upon those who are willing to go the distance. Jesus was a man, Christ is a station..Some numbers of people have attained to this same state. You can find similar commentaries wherever you go but you have to have the proper mindset to get them to reveal their ancillary, as well as their higher meaning. A lot of people read The Bible but it does not speak to them. They get some benefit by this, like a moral code of behavior and exhortations to different kinds of action. However, those who come into sync with the mind that brought the words into being, receive something of much, much greater value."

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