Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Beat chemtrails with a polytunnel

Growing vegetables and fruits is nigh on impossible with climate manipulation going on every day. The aerosol clouds start appearing in the early morning.  The warmth of the sun which byApril is considerable is being lost to the plants.  The ground is still too cold to grow much.  A month of the growing season has already been lost, and the delay is not over yet.

Animals are still cooped inside winter sheds and food reserves of farmers, hay and sileage are running very low.

One way to be ahead of the game is to have a polytunnel.  This protects plants from the cold wind.  The rate of growth is still respectable inside the warmer artificial climate.

When the aerosol pilots end their campaign, I don't know.  They are doing all they can to kill off food production, and make survival hard for everyone, poisoning water and the ground as they go.   Aluminium and barium make the soil's Ph balance too alkaline, and plants and insects are slowly being squeezed out of existence.

Presumably the spraying crews have families who need to eat as well.  When will they awaken to what they are being paid to do?  They could sabotage the equipment and walk away, as a gesture in favour of their own survival.

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