Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Chemistry of Consciousness

There is a chain of substances known as ‘spirit molecules’ which are largely believed to be the chemical foundation for the experience of consciousness in the body.  These neurotransmitters are largely believed to influence our perception of time, our sleep-wake cycles and hence our travel between the 3rd and 4th density in the sleep state, our ability to access our ‘extra-sensory’ abilities, and ultimately higher levels of awareness and consciousness, among other things.  This is a complex cascade of amino acids, hormones, and neurotransmitters which is influenced by a variety of factors, however, what ties them all together in a significant way is that all the suggestions one typically hears about living a healthy lifestyle such as getting adequate sunshine, eating a well rounded, pure organic diet, getting proper amounts of sleep, etc. are all in some way responsible for the production of these so-called spirit molecules.  It is then clear that our natural state is one in which we are in harmony with the natural world and which produces a natural spiritual high — in essence, the universe has programmed us for higher consciousness by obeying its fundamental laws of natural living.

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