Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mainstream news blackout blacked out

mcmanusMick McManus throttles Greek shutdown news
There are three observations I have to make this morning about the switch-off of Greek State television:
1. In the United Kingdom, it’s as if it never happened. The BBCNews channel isn’t carrying the story at all, it isn’t even at the Telegraph under “News – eurozone’,  and at the UK’s Balanced News site covering all UK papers, there isn’t a single mention of it.
2. Where the story has been covered by international media and news sites, there is a hook, line and sinker swallow of ‘to save cash’ as the motive behind the move.
3. Brussels hasn’t reacted to the news at all. One of its eurozone members shuts down the main TV and internet reception (plus radio) without warning, and yet the EU sees no problem posed for free speech at all. They will, of course, have known about the shut-down in advance – and ERT isn’t exactly the most independent State telly on the planet.

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