Friday, 14 June 2013

Connecting for Health has been disconnected: and the bill is £35 billion…for nothing.

Did you notice?

After nine years of actual and spun cost to the taxpayer – with absolutely no ‘outcome’, to use the contemporary syntax – on March 31st last Connecting for Health (CfH) ceased to exist. Don’t bother looking for any tweets from the Health Secretary about it, because there weren’t any. It was a Sunday, you see…good day to bury a story. Oh, and the start of British ‘Summer’ Time. Look through all the news archives for the day, and you won’t find a single MSM article relating to it. Google ‘Connecting for Health abolished’, and not one MSM title comes up as having covered it at all at any time. They must have done, presumably: perhaps Cameron did a deal with his Google intimates to erase it from history.
We would all do well to think about this sorry episode in the ongoing history of waste caused directly by politician egomania and civil service incompetence. I doubt if this piece will attract many hits….but it ought to, because this isn’t a ‘Save our NHS’ story: it’s an article that asks what exactly is Westminster and Whitehall for – apart from prancing about and frittering away our taxes.

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