Monday, 17 June 2013

Discovery of vast vanished civilisation in Southern Africa

Annunaki cities are being discovered in Africa.
Parallel earths and portals between them are being revealed.
The Illuminati are allowing more of the truth to be revealed, as they feel their power structure is complete, and there is no escape possible for the masses.

Michael Tellinger has an interesting story to tell.
He's had a very varied past, as an actor, in advertising, in pharmaceuticals before he started researching the real history of the world.

He says -
The education system and the social structures have been very carefully planned to stop people thinking for themselves.  He ended up writing a book - Slave Species Of God - which tells the annunaki story.
He sees them as gods with a small g, not the main God with a big G who created the universe.

Gods with a small 'g' genetically engineered the human species, and they still try to control us.

We need to know why we're here to be able to construct a plan for our future.  He was introduced to the ancient ruins of southern africa by Johan Heine.  There is a vast vanished civilisation, the largest human structures ever created throughout history.  They link to Enki, and the annunaki gold-mining efforts, as mentioned by Zechariah Sitchin in his Earth Chronicles.

The ruins are highly complex.  They were 275,000 years old before the great flood wiped them all out 13,000 years ago.  Abantu are the children of Antu - the head Annunaki God.  The Hindi language is very close to many African languages.  There are historical links to India.

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