Thursday, 30 May 2013

We should all invite the EDL for tea and biscuits

Opinion, like water, finds its own level, and there is little the great and the good can do to stop it.

This new world of communications presents a paradox: while once there was a shared cultural narrative which could be shaped and promoted by a relatively small class of opinion formers, now each of these outlets for news and opinion (including this august blog) feeds into its own self-selecting audience. We can hear and know much more, but we tend to use this freedom to compartmentalise ourselves into more entrenched ghettos of opinion. Community is fragmented, and when this is coupled with ‘multiculturalism’ it is little wonder that our political rulers are struggling to keep up with the fast-moving monster they helped to create.

They did this in a variety of ways. The progressive movement thought it had captured the commanding heights of the media economy when it gained dominance in the BBC and the major newspapers. We saw its early successes in writing the agenda for a Palestinian state, the EU, abortion reform and Irish Republicanism. It was the BBC that undermined British Government attempts to marginalise Sinn Fein by employing actors to voice the words that Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness were not allowed to speak for themselves. Unfortunately for that strain of opinion, the chickens are coming home to roost. We are fragmenting in our news sources and our communities.

If bomb-planting Irish Republicans and Palestinians deserve to be heard, why not violent Islamists? And if them, why not the EDL? If one media outlet ignores such opinion, another will promote it.

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