Saturday, 25 May 2013

a message from a friend

Heal me earthly mother
So I may do your work
Banish my addictions
The ones that make me weak
Show me over standing
When moves are going wrong
Give to me the music
I will sing your song
Make me ever thankful
For each and every day
Lead me from temptation
When I begin to stray
Give me back my childhood
So I can once more play
In the garden of creation
On earthly Mother's Day
Give to me your blessing
Of food that's good to eat
Heal me earthly mother
So I may tend to you
Suckle all our children
Not the chosen few
I'm of your creation
You bore me from your flesh
Let me rise each morning
Let me start afresh
I want to do your bidding
But I've been hypnotised
By promises of tomorrow
From gods who advertise
So heal me earthly mother
As I would do for you
Remembering in your honour
That mothers love is true.
; )}}. Desi. son of the bold. Tribal elder. 12th tribe of Leeds. Prince of words ; )}}

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