Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Language: Vibrational Key to Conscious Activation

Language fascinates me. It’s empowering to realize it’s virtually an arbitrary construct when you realize how many languages there are and have been through the course of history. It’s development has been partially organic due our basic efforts to communicate, but mainly it’s what’s been handed down and manipulated by the would-be Controllers via their social engineers and resultant reinforcing patterns. (See here and here)
Paranoid? Just realistic.
Look at how many terms have been either eliminated, restricted or introduced into our lexicon and by whom? The educational system is documented to deliberately dumb down the populace. Music and social media terms have turned language to shallow mush. The mainstain media and our staged, corrupt politics take our medium of communication to whole new debased depths of mindless manipulation.
If you can’t see that I pity you. The challenge is to reclaim our voice and medium of exchange.

Zen Gardener

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