Thursday, 11 July 2013


How long are we going to take this extraordinary nonsense? How long are the people of Britain and so many more in the wider ‘Commonwealth’ going to bow in subordination, homage and awe to this despicable institution called ‘royalty’ or, in my house, the Addams family?
People can become so familiar with something – like it’s just ‘there’ – that it can hide in their peripheral vision or peripheral awareness unacknowledged for what it really is. I mean, she’s the Queen, right? She’s the Head of State and lives in Buckingham Palace and, well, she’s royal?
Yes, but what does that mean? Why is she Head of State? Why does she and her family live in fantastic opulence and luxury on the backs of the people that they so exploit and despise? In short, who the fuck are they? What are they doing there and the biggest question of all … what are WE doing standing for this juvenile idiocy?

‘Oh, but what do you want, a republic? They’re only symbolic, they have no power and they bring in the tourists … didn’t the Queen look lovely at the wedding and that Prince Philip’s a card isn’t he?’
As the late, great American comedian Bill Hicks would say: ‘You’re getting really confused here – now take a deep breath, take a step back and look at it again ...’
Ahhh, it’s a piece of shit.’
‘Yes, that’s ALL it is …’
So let’s give it a try. Deep breath, step back, look again, and all that stuff ...
The Queen is the Head of State purely because of her bloodline and for no other reason. The monarch does not have to be intelligent, trustworthy, honest, peaceful or care less about the ‘common people’. Given that the title has been held by some of the most stupid, crooked, bloodthirsty (literally)and mendacious parasites of the ‘common people’ this is just as well.
So how do you become the ‘monarch’?

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